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Dungeony! Hi! So here’s a thing. A thing called DungeonScript, which you can find right here. You can use it to make games, or play games, like this new 3D edition of Dungeon Janitor. Go! Enjoy! The other day Blue

Shields Up!

So… here’s something new. While working on something totally unrelated* I saw how much wing shapes opened up spaceship design, and I thought damn, I wish I’d known that when I built Captain Forever. Then I remembered that I’m still

Captain Forever Trilogy

Hi, I’m working on a thing! It’s a Captain Forever thing! The Dawn Star was unwell, with the renderer failing on many machines, the design disappearing into the wilderness, and a secret new Blue Manchu project dominating my schedule. I

Welcome Back, Pilot

My, what a snazzy new helmet. The pilot’s reflection is only really visible when lit by something particularly bright, which is all the excuse I needed to show off the new explosion effect. It’s not subtle. I also ported the

Build Mode

A long standing issue with Captain Forever is that the ships themselves – especially player ships – look like what an old workmate would call “blobs of multicoloured puke”. So that’s not great. In The Dawn Star I’m toning the