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Is this what beavers look like? I really don't know. Regardless, I think I'm going to call this game done. I'm about three hours in now, and it's been fun. So there's that. I'm less confident about making games in under an hour but I'll keep at it. Maybe I'll speed up.

Any suggestions for the next microgame?


EDIT: I added a few new primitives to the renderer, including arcs, which reminded me that I hadn't finished the shuttlecock. So I finished the shuttlecock.

7 Comments » for Beaver Badminton, Part The Second
  1. Laremere@gmail.com says:

    Dystopian themed breakout.

  2. Jiggens says:

    Welcome back! Good to see you about again after quite a while!

  3. RandomCommander says:

    Well, we’re both back after a long while!

    I suggest maybe “Ninja Nonsense?” (Space invaders style, wherein a ninja fights many types of enemies per level (Like samurai the first, robots the second and policemen the third, so on so forth). 3 levels of this seems like a decent mini-project.)

  4. Farbs says:

    @Laremere – Hmm… interesting. I have an idea that _might_ work.

    @Jiggens – Cheers! I’ve been working pretty hard but just haven’t found time to update the blog much. In fact, I don’t think I ever even posted about finishing and releasing Captain Foraxian EX, which is a nice native windows spin on Captain Foraxian, and part of the Captain Forever supporter stuff.

    I wonder how long that twitter plugin has been broken. Erp. I think I’ll just remove that for now…

  5. Farbs says:

    @RandomCommander – Interestingly, I was thinking the postapocabreakout game might have some space invaderness to it. I would like to build the occasional series of these though, and yeah something like your suggestion would be about right for it.

  6. Jiggens says:

    I don’t think you did. I found it by accident when I checked your twitter that day. It was like a hidden present. A captain something present. The two best kinds.

  7. Well i can not win.
    Apperanlty,No one wins this game!