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Prelaunch is GO! So what does that mean?

I’ve launched the Captain Forever website. For $15 (USD) you can become a lifetime Captain Forever supporter, which gives you immediate access to the flash game. This is a single player, un-moddable, web based game. Of course, it might become more than a single player, un-moddable, web based game. This is where it gets fun. Becoming a supporter gives you access to future versions of the game as well. I haven’t made these yet, which is why I consider this a pre-launch rather than a launch proper. It’s also why I’m discounting the price from $20 down to $15. When I release the first extra-awesome version of the game it’ll only be available to supporters. I’ll make the original version available to non-supporters, but the supporter fee will go back to $20.

So… do you want in? I’m going to assume you’re interested, otherwise you would have stopped reading. To better inform your decision I present these two options:

Support Captain Forever Later

This is a good choice because:

  • Your computer may be too puny to run the game, but if you wait for the free release you can use it to learn this crushing truth without having to pay anything.
  • You might not like the game. Again, waiting to play the free version will help you figure this out.
  • I may get hit by a falling satellite, and thus never release any premium content.

Support Captain Forever Now

This is a good choice because:

  • You’ll get to play Captain Forever now while it’s still obscure and cool.
  • I am fuelled by your love.
  • It’s $5 cheaper.

Pre-launch in T-0:00:00:00

<3 Farbs

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  1. godDLL says:

    Призрак детства. Общая тетрадь в клеточку в которой я чертил подземелья и космические корабли, выпуклый экран старого терминала, процесс игры ради процесса игры, процедурно генерируемая “живая” среда, и отражающийся в терминале капитан затерянного в условностях кораблика, бессмертный и безымянный.
    И потрясающая музыка.

    Farbs, you’ve just created a perfect cord, both familiar and completely new. It’s so perfect it made my eyes water.
    Please be careful, with this tender thing of clear crystal beauty. :)

  2. Simon says:

    Definitely do an iPhone port farbs.

  3. Bahamut says:

    Love it, but would love an offline version of this game.

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