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Hey look, another game sketch!

This is the first pass at a memory style game, which I can win about 1 time in 3 if I really pay attention. I might polish it up, add stems and animation and blahdeblah, but for now I find it fun and figured I’d share. It also took about an hour, which is well in line with how I’d like to make these.

I had planned (and even begun) to make a subtly postapocalyptic breakout/space invaders mechanics mashup thing, but having just written a pong clone I’m a bit bored with ball games and wanted to try something different. Hopefully I’ll get back to that later.

Anyhow, can you open all the flowers? It’s simple and fun, and probably impossible for anyone who is at all colourblind. Sorry about that.


7 Comments » for Floral Memories
  1. Ron says:

    Diabolical! The flowers die if you have bad memory. :P

  2. Farbs says:

    Oh shit, hi Ron! How’ve you been?

  3. RandomCommander says:


    Another sketch idea, build a dungeon via tetris and then explore it once the tetris level fills, scoring points based on how large a dungeon and how many monsters killed/treasures earned.

  4. RandomCommander says:

    Oh whoops, speaking of memory I forgot how to do smileys, maybe if i put in a hyphen…


  5. RandomCommander says:


  6. Yoursis says:

    BEAT IT (after much swearage)

  7. Bob says:

    Yay, finally did it!
    Also, that Tetris-Dungeon idea sounds great!