Forever in 15s

There are two ways to capture a good screenshot. The first way is to cheat. The second way is to cheat. I prefer the latter.

You can spend hours mocking up game screens, moving characters and lights and cameras into just the right positions before dumping the image to a file. Then to photoshop, where artefacts are erased and effects are added. Shadows, highlights, and colours are pinched, punched, and paraded onto an increasingly unauthentic image. This is the first form of cheating, and it is not what I do.

The second form of cheating is far more civilized. Instead of waiting for the perfect moment to take a shot, you simply arrange for regular shots to be taken during the normal course of gameplay. Most of these will be terrible, but it takes no time at all to sift through these and pull out a few glimmering sparks of eye-candy. I do this.

While creating screenshots for Captain Forever I noticed something quite interesting. Scrolling quickly through the images effectively replayed my game at incredibly high speed. It looked awesome. I generally don’t like teaser trailers, but I couldn’t keep this to myself.

Pre-launch in T-3:00:00:00 (Three days)

<3 Farbs

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  1. greg says:

    haha, are you wearing a helmet while playing? It looks like you’re a fighter pilot.

    (lookin’ forward to the big release!)

  2. Farbs says:

    Heheh. Sadly that isn’t me, it’s the placeholder background used when you don’t have/allow webcam.

    I tried capturing footage for the placeholder background with me as the pilot, complete with helmet and goggles. It, uh, didn’t meet quality requirements. At all.

    Oh, and don’t forget this is only the small release! I’ll try to spell things out clearly in three days, but this is basically just giving people early access to the free game and a discounted supporter rate. Premium game etc should arrive in a couple of months.

  3. Turgid says:

    Sweeeet, the game is looking totally wicked rad. The waiting is nearly over!

  4. Stephen S. says:

    Ok, it’s been three days! I’m very anxious to see more! :D

  5. Farbs says:

    Wait… what? By my count it’s only been two days. Perhaps I should have specified a timezone.
    Pre-launch happens tomorrow, ~19 hours from… NOW.