This week I upgraded The Dawn Star to use Flash Player 14, since it alleviates my two major technical fears (which ideally would use MRTs and Floating Point Textures) by introducing MRTs and Floating Point Textures. Hooray! Unfortunately this broke the rest of the game, which I’m now repairing. The older builds should continue to work fine, but the next one will take me a little longer.

I also worked on a banner ad system advertising The Dawn Star, Captain Forever Remix, and the general Captain Forever Supporter program, all on the main Captain Forever site. This seems trivial, but when you consider that the CF pages are built using oldschool text layout with a few inserted images, you can see why CSS and HTML (designed to lay out pages using all sorts of metrics other than text size, and then squeeze the text in to fit) are terrible tools for the job. But I got it to work so yay. Hopefully this will help other players find their way to supporting the game, which would be great.

The final thing I’ll mention is a little video experiment I put together to explain The Dawn Star. I don’t think this is release quality, whatever that means, but I’ll link it here anyway in case you’d like to see it. I expect I’ll redo this and push it further later, since it seems like a good direction.

Next week I’m on holiday, in the sense that Jon is on holiday and I’ll be running Card Hunter in his absence. I’m taking a holiday from not getting paid, then. TDS will pick back up the week after. If you’re a Card Hunter player then you’ll probably be keen to know what I’ll be working on, between answering support requests and extinguishing server fires. This is by no means a done deal, and may never appear in the game proper, but for the next week I’ll be working on prototyping a feature that starts with C, ends with P, and has a hyphen in the middle. I really hope it works out, because it ought to be super, super fun.

<3 Farbs

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  1. Capt. Bradley says:

    What’s the new feature?

  2. Golden Noose says:

    Hello Farbs,

    Any word on TDS? I’ve been checking this page daily for 2 weeks!

  3. Farbs says:

    Hi Golden Noose,

    There’s actually a new build! Sorry I haven’t blogged about it yet – I ran out of time just after uploading it and posting on the forum. There’s a bit more info here: