PLAY!Wow. I’m not sure how, but ROM CHECK FAIL is now five years old! In celebration I built a browser version which you can play RIGHT HERE!


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  1. Doors says:

    None of the following keys: Enter, Esc, P, Space – have triggered pause.

  2. Farbs says:

    Ha, a solid point. There is currently no pause.
    In the original there was also no pause, but Esc would quit.

  3. Jayce says:

    Yes! Farbs for president (of a nation of his choice).

  4. Bob says:

    Word of advice – don’t right click.

    (they replaced the glitch noise)

  6. gargravarr2 says:

    I guess this is the best place to ask: what’s the high score situation in this game? I’ve scored over 20000 points, is that good or weak on a global scale?

  7. Farbs says:

    gargravarr2 – Wow, that is a monster score. I just played an 8,430 game, but I don’t think I’ve ever managed anything like 20,000.

  8. Archetype says:

    Great game! It’s quite interesting to see different game models combined together randomly XD BTW, what are the names of the games you added in this? I know there’s obviously Mario, Pacman and Zelda, I just can’t remember the others.

  9. Farbs says:


    From memory, there are seven player characters, seven enemies, seven environments, a ton of music, and on the win screen… well, you’ll see :)

    Player Characters are from:
    * Space Invaders
    * Asteroids
    * Defender
    * Pacman
    * Spy Hunter
    * Super Mario Bros
    * The Legend of Zelda

    Enemies are from:
    * Space Invaders
    * Asteroids
    * Qix
    * Arkanoid
    * Pang
    * Super Mario Bros
    * Gauntlet

    Environments are from:
    * Pacman
    * Pang
    * Moon Patrol
    * Bomberman
    * Super Mario Bros
    * Arkanoid
    * Spy Hunter

  10. CaptainDisapointed says:

    Wow almost a year since your last captain whatever game update…

    Can you please remind me why I gave you my money? And can I have it back?


    Extremely disappointed former fan of the captain whatever series.

  11. Farbs says:

    Hi Cap’n,

    I’m sorry that you’re disappointed. If you would like a refund please email me ( and we’ll sort it out.

  12. CaptainDisapointed says:

    Does that mean you are not doing anything more on the series? I had such high hopes for this game, but your reply suggests you have given up or perhaps are just too busy with real life to continue development.

    If you are done working on the series, I honestly would be interested in a refund and I would contact you as you mentioned.

    Alternatively, if you can give me even the slightest glimpse of hope that there will be more to come, I would consider myself a fairly pretty patient person…

    P.S. Thanks for the quick response

  13. Farbs says:

    Hey, no worries.

    I’m actually back working on this as of – quite literally – yesterday! I finally finished up my work on Card Hunter and now have four days a week to spend on Jameson. This week I’m working on a bunch of boring infrastructure things like upgrading the websites, ending the sale, setting up a new source control repo, and planning the rest of the project, but I expect to have new builds up and running very soon.

    I didn’t want to mention this in my earlier blog comment because it’d be a pretty douchey way to reply (“Well actually I AM working on it so there!”), but yeah, that’s where I’m at. Of course I’m still happy to offer you a refund, but it sounds like you’d rather keep up with the series instead :)

  14. CaiptainOptimistic says:

    Well I am VERY glad to hear you are going to be able to work on this, I would be more then glad to wait and see what is coming. Like I said I have always had very high hopes for this game.

    I have said this a hundred times and I sound like an old record player, but ALL this game needs is multiplayer. I know that is something WAY easier said then done, but it’s kinda like minecraft. No matter how powerful you are or how amazing your ship is, it just is not as fun if you can’t share it with someone.

    Even a simple 2 player co-op would be AMAZING for this game and I would never ask for another update again!

    I am quite aware of how difficult adding multiplayer can be late in development, but honestly that is all this game needs. A way to play with others, even on a small scale, would make a MASSIVE difference in the “long term playability” of this game.

    Thanks so much for the quick replies and PLEASE keep my MP idea in mind if there’s ANY possibility of it ever happening. I really think it could make the difference between this being a small project game or a huge internet sensation.

    P.S. Sorry for being a jerk in my original post, I was frustrated :\

  15. Farbs says:

    Haha, it’s all good. I’m pretty committed to Jameson at the moment, but if it sells well there’s a good chance I’ll look at Captain Together again. No promises though.

  16. gargravarr2 says:

    Thanks for the reply. If you’re interested in seeing the monster gameplay leading to the score, I have it on youtube. The description has some tactics discussion as well.