So… here’s something new.

While working on something totally unrelated* I saw how much wing shapes opened up spaceship design, and I thought damn, I wish I’d known that when I built Captain Forever. Then I remembered that I’m still building Captain Forever, in so much as I’m rebuilding it anyway. So I added space wings! Of course, space wings make no sense and decorative modules would starkly oppose the CF design, so… they’re shields. Which totally works. Think of them as ablative shielding for re-entry, serving double duty as laser fire absorbers. They’re lightweight and can take a lot of damage, but you can’t anchor other modules to them so they don’t replace girders. I think they’re pretty neat!

These won’t appear in Captain Forever Trilogy: Captain Forever because I want to keep the CF module pool constrained, but they will appear in Captain Forever Trilogy: Captain Successor and Captain Forever Trilogy: Captain Impostor. Also apparently I didn’t think ahead when naming any of these things.

After adding the shielding I saw opportunities to revamp or completely redesign other modules, so I’ve been sweeping through the module list doing exactly that. You can see here that I subconsciously copied the rounded girder shape from Remix, for example. Sorry about that Dean & Brian! Most modules have simply been tweaked to add variety of line intensity, which adds a surprising amount of texture to the screen. A handful of others either looked weird in the new renderer (eg bubble shields) or have always looked a bit terrible in my eyes (eg torpedo launchers), so they’ve been redesigned completely. I’m super happy with the results. It’s weird, but 7 years on CF is finally starting to look like it did in my head back when I started building it.

<3 Farbs

* Or maybe it’s not unrelated. Either way, it’s a surprise :)

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  1. Farbs says:

    Haha… the heart module’s little red weapon stalk drawing through the girder is burning my eyeballs. Luckily _I_ know that I’ve fixed it already. Now the stalk disappears whenever there’s a module there.

  2. Chris K says:

    Ooh, digging the new look! Also, these wing shields are a great idea

    Look forward to seeing what’s next. Probably PlayPen 2.

  3. Farbs says:

    Haha. No, not PlayPen2. Probably. Though I do have some thoughts on that…

  4. Aklyon says:

    CFT:CF, CFT:CS and CFT:CI?

    …even as acronyms they sound long. I guess that doesn’t really help much!

  5. Arilou Lalee'lay says:

    Take out the second C and it’s a bit better.

  6. Edward says:

    I think it sounds best if you just make Captain Forever Trilogy an acronym and take away the first “Captain” in each subtitle.
    CFT Forever*, CFT Successor, and CFT Imposter

    *Maybe “Original,” but Forever works

  7. Captain Notdoppler says:

    We need many more unique parts like this…have you ever thought of borrowing ideas from Remix or just straight-up brainstorming? I’ve already got some concepts in mind, and I’d be glad to share them with you.

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