Whoops! You need flash 10.1 or better for this.

Here is a thing! You can use it to make beepy noises, and you may notice that it fills your clipboard with chunks of code. That code is what I use to then play the beepy noises in GameSketch, so yeah, it's a tool for me that I've published here even though you can't really use it for anything. Um... sorry? Anyhow it's pretty fun, and if you're interested in such things it'll give you a good idea of how the GameSketch synthesizer works.


The first four sliders set pitch. The first two give the octave and note (offset from the middle) of the start of the beep, and the second two give the octave and note of the end.

The next two sliders set the initial and final volume. Full volume is actually half way up, with full slider height giving a nice overdrive effect.

The next two are a different kind of distortion, again as the start and end of the beep.

The final slider is the beep length.

The tabs down the bottom select individual beeps that are played back in sequence. Combining these together can create more complex sounds and short melodies.



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  1. Captain Waiting Patiently says:

    Has Farbs gone crazy?

    I keep checking back hopeful for updates on his captain successor series (multiplayer *cough cough*) but it’s like hes forgotten about it, or perhaps hes gone MAD!

    Farbs I hope you’re ok!

    Captain Waiting Patiently

  2. Farbs says:


    No, not crazy. In fact I’ve been doing this stuff to keep myself sane! Between my time on Card Hunter and my time raising Farbs Jr I’ve not been able to find more than an odd hour here or there for my personal projects, so until I cut my hours on Card Hunter (soon) I really can’t do much with Jameson. Instead I’ve been poking around with this projects so that I feasibly could finish things in what little patches of time I can find.

    Meanwhile, I have actually been talking to a friend about helping me out with some CF stuff. Hopefully we’ll have something to show you in the coming weeks. I should probably leave it as a bit of a mystery for now though.

    Thanks for your concern though, and for the reminder :)