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Fabulous People

Charlie Dog Games
Charlie Dog is a friend to man and animal alike. Also he likes ladies. Wooooooo! When he's not forming friendships Charlie Dog makes genre bending indie games like the slick and slippery Snaky Jake. Head on over to his site and check it out, whydoncha?

Simon Lissaman
Born from a stone egg on a mountain top, Simon Lissaman calls on the powers of heaven and earth to weave delightful digital art. For a modest fee his services could be yours. Check out his work on his site and in the phenomenonal Fishie Fishie.

Free Game Development Tools

Popcap Developer Program
Home of the Popcap framework, mother to the Pycap project, and kindly old uncle to my games. I can only assume this was released to increase the amount of love in the world. It worked.

Python is an astonishingly friendly scripting language. Check this out: I once wrote the same game twice, once in python then once again in C++. The python implementation was completed 7.4x as fast as the C++ version. By my calculation, using python has allowed me to make my games 7.4 times better than they otherwise would have been. Either that, or I'd have finished them in 1/7.4=0.135etc the time. And I used python to figure that out. Incredible!

Home of SciTE, the text editor I use to write games, shopping lists, and even this very web page! Features include both stuff and things. Check it out.

The GNU Image Manipulation Program
Photoshop but free, and a bit harder to use.

Free, powerful, and user friendly sound editing tool. Much safer than a cracked copy of Soundforge.

Visual Studio Express
For when you absolutely must write native code, and absolutely don't want to pay for it.



Indie Gamer
A hearty soup of information, misinformation, and disinformation.

Indie Gamer's deformed, loveable, and bemonocled offspring.

Games at Slashdot
Slashdot condensed down to the bits that really matter.

Penny Arcade
Less offensive than it used to be, but still a good read.

Manifesto Games
Lovely indie games and a grand vision.

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