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Prelaunch is GO! So what does that mean?

I’ve launched the Captain Forever website. For $15 (USD) you can become a lifetime Captain Forever supporter, which gives you immediate access to the flash game. This is a single player, un-moddable, web based game. Of course, it might become more than a single player, un-moddable, web based game. This is where it gets fun. Becoming a supporter gives you access to future versions of the game as well. I haven’t made these yet, which is why I consider this a pre-launch rather than a launch proper. It’s also why I’m discounting the price from $20 down to $15. When I release the first extra-awesome version of the game it’ll only be available to supporters. I’ll make the original version available to non-supporters, but the supporter fee will go back to $20.

So… do you want in? I’m going to assume you’re interested, otherwise you would have stopped reading. To better inform your decision I present these two options:

Support Captain Forever Later

This is a good choice because:

  • Your computer may be too puny to run the game, but if you wait for the free release you can use it to learn this crushing truth without having to pay anything.
  • You might not like the game. Again, waiting to play the free version will help you figure this out.
  • I may get hit by a falling satellite, and thus never release any premium content.

Support Captain Forever Now

This is a good choice because:

  • You’ll get to play Captain Forever now while it’s still obscure and cool.
  • I am fuelled by your love.
  • It’s $5 cheaper.

Pre-launch in T-0:00:00:00

<3 Farbs

103 Comments » for Captain Forever, you are GO for Prelaunch
  1. Vince says:

    Sweet, I’m about to buy it…

  2. Westmark says:

    @Andrew: ahh ok… i dont have the original copy of the ship anymore so i can’t export i my self either.

    And btw i got a screenshot of the star now ;)

  3. Andrew says:

    @Westmark, oh, alright. If you do build another, don’t hesitate to resubmit the new one.

  4. Vince says:

    Holy freaking crap, this game is awesome! Probably the best time-waster I’ve ever played!

  5. Adam says:

    Just got the game and It’s awesome :)

  6. Bood_War says:

    I just had an idea. What if there was an autobuild mode?
    IT could be where you could build a ship from any previously encountered materials, then, as you played the ship would build itself automatically?

  7. Andrew says:

    Hey farbs, take a look at: http://captaincustomization.homeftp.org/Fast_Attack_Ship_Alpha-Bood_War.html

    Any idea why certain characters aren’t working?

  8. Bill S. says:

    @Bood_War: I think that would be hard to implement in a useful way…

    Another suggestion: Enemy AI’s that destroy each other and build themselves…

  9. Vince says:

    So you know, I did a kinda-review of your game. Just click on my name.

  10. Bood_War says:

    @Andrew I still have that ship, So I could resubmit it.

  11. Nerl says:

    Farmbs man, I mad at u.

    I spend $15 and it my login activation thing won’t work.

  12. Farbs says:

    @Nerl – This is a great sadness. Am following up via email.

    @Andrew – I checked the page source, and you seem to have line breaks inside some of the   whitespace markers. You’ll need to either remove all the line breaks or make sure they happen between elements eg:  LINEBREAK 

  13. Farbs says:

    @Vince – Cheers for the review :D

  14. Farbs says:

    Oh, and if I ever take to working the land I am going to call myself “Farmbs”.

  15. Vince says:

    Thanks!! Llama-sized Thanks!!

  16. Westmark says:

    @Farbs: I’m still really curious about the star thingy :)

  17. Farbs says:

    @Westmark – It is a mystery!

  18. Westmark says:

    @arghh :P i suspect it’s just a “hey-you-reached-the-end-here’s-a-star” reward kinda thing :P i just keep wishing that there more :P

  19. Andrew says:

    @Farbs, yeah, it seems to be a problem with notepad. I had to put it into wordpad, remove the linebreaks, then open it in notepad to save it as an html file. I imagine ScitE will fix this, so I’m going to give that a shot.

  20. Andrew says:

    Also, do you mind if I use the Captain Forever favicon for captain customization?

  21. Farbs says:

    Go for it (SciTE and the favicon).

  22. Bood_War says:

    @Andrew Could you change the name to “The Fork of DOOM”? I accidentally put Force…

  23. Andrew says:

    @Bood_War, sure, one sec

  24. Andrew says:

    @Bood_War, I’ll have your other one fixed soon, I’m using it to experiment with software :P

  25. Bood_War says:

    @Andrew Okies

  26. randy says:

    I’ve been following this blog for some time, but I figured I wouldn’t play Captain Forever any time soon just due to lack of time. Then I read through the website and, based almost exclusively on the fiction it weaves, bought the game immediately. Payment won’t clear for a week, but I really hope that that story is tangible in the game. And if it’s not yet, it will be in a later version, right?

  27. Vince says:

    It’s kind of tangible. You see it to some extent, yet not really. I do hope more will come soon, though.

  28. Vince says:

    Ooh! Ooh! Idea! I don’t know if this is possible with Flash, but an ULTIMATE ONLINE feature, where you are in an environment populated by real people!

  29. Andrew says:

    @randy – It’s the sort of story that makes 0% sense before you play the game. Like, explosions? Captain FOREVER? Whaaaaaat? Then you play it and it’s cool because you can actually understand the init text and the front page :P

  30. alan says:

    @Farbs, you are my hero. Thanks for being awesome! Looking forward to more story and game.

  31. ChaoSpectre says:

    I have paid the $15 but am not receiving any kind of link in the e-mail I receive. I had the activation resent several times.

  32. Farbs says:

    @ChaosSpectre – I’m looking into it now, will follow up via email.

  33. Impy says:

    Does anyone know if this runs fine on linux?

  34. randy says:

    @Impy: I’m running it in linux (right now, in fact) with Adobe flash (gnash might not suffice) and have had no problems.

  35. alan says:

    @Impy, i haven’t had problems running this on linux in firefox with the adobe flash plugin.

  36. Andrew says:

    I’m actually having trouble running it on my netbook (ubuntu NBR 9). It asks whether to let it use my webcam or not, but then I can’t get it to grab the focus back and I can never click to say no or ok. Not sure how to fix this, I hop it is.

  37. Andrew says:

    *hope (duh)

  38. Impy says:

    Cheers for that randy. I just bought it and it’s fucking awesome! :D

  39. Marcin says:

    I second (or third?) the MOAR. I’m really enjoying building very lopsided ships in the meantime.

    I was also pulled in by the atmosphere (you can call it story, I guess) created by the site. Plus well, lego plus space shooty – what’s not to love?

  40. Vince says:

    Oh ho ho! Prismatic Lasers! Nice!

  41. James says:

    I like the direction the game is heading in, but it desperately needs a save function and a place to configure your ship in peace. I don’t have a lot of time to sit and play the game, so I’d like the ability to save my progress a little bit at a time.

    Also, how about shield modules of different magnitudes and radius of effect?

  42. Vince says:

    It does have a save feature! Just press that one button!

  43. James says:

    Vince, what do you mean press that one button? There is an export feature which is great for one save, but that’s all you get. Am I missing something?

  44. theUnMe says:

    I sad. I pay $15 for support but website say “ADDRESS (myemail) NOT FOUND.” I want to support, but if can’t play, don’t want support.

  45. Farbs says:

    Hi theUnMe,

    Thanks for letting me know. For some reason PayPal didn’t send me the payment notification – I think they’re updating some systems. Anyhow, I’ve prodded the machine and you should now have a supporter registration and and login email. Gimmie a yell if there are still problems (farbs@farbs.org).


  46. Ben says:

    Can we get an ETA on the premium version, i would love to try the game but i dont know if its worth $15 for a flash game if it turns out i dont like it for wat ever reason….

  47. Farbs says:

    A few weeks-ish. I think.

  48. SkULk says:

    Hey Farb, fantastic game mate – totally reminds me of the book ‘Only You Can Save Mankind’ by Terry Pratchett which I read as a kid (check it out: http://www.allreaders.com/Topics/info_25401.asp).

    Are you considering an iPhone port? You’d clean up I reckon :-).

    Thank Tyler from eat-sleep-game.com for reviewing your game on RebelFM podcast – made me want to check it out, and BAM I was sold :-)

    Can’t wait for more stuff :-)